McConnell’s This ’n’ That - Schleich Frog Set – McConnell's This 'n' That
Schleich Frog Set - Toys
Schleich Frog Set - Toys

Schleich Frog Set

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On a leaf high up on a tree sits a blue poison dart frog. Its skin is of an azure colour. Unlike other frogs, the blue poison dart frog does not need any camouflage. On the contrary. Its colour means: beware danger! This is because the blue poison dart frog, known as the arrow venom frog, secretes a highly effective nerve poison through its skin. Nothing wants to eat something like that.


  • 1 x Blue Poison Dart Frog
  • 1 x Green Frog
  • 1 x Leaf

Retired 2018

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